The Rational Destruction of Love
The Rational Destruction of Artistic Sublimation
The Rational Destruction of Ourselves

December 2022

Contra-reformism postmodernism, “Night-Sea Journey”, and my quest to fund the whole ordeal’s rational destruction for the low-low price of One Trillion…

May 2021

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”-- how does one get from analysis to synthesizing a theory justice to pursue.
Forms in modernity have become dogmatically self-defeating; an art culture of the professionally and perpetually exhausted
Anti-Relatability Politics and the Modes of Achievement

April 2021

Against the backdrop of illegitimate power's grasp exceeding its reach, foreign art has long represented that US global policy apparatus is one merely…
Masters of the natural world, indeed.

March 2021

What the culture of 90's sports franchises for children can tell us about class disparity and the failings of our economic model; a nostalgia-themed…
Time is a flat circle, and while colonialism may have ended, its effects persist, and until this is confronted, and tyranny understood, imperialist…
A media studies guide to self-sabotaging to save your society.